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Bases: BaseGenericSetting

cookieconsent_active class-attribute instance-attribute

cookieconsent_active = BooleanField('Activate cookie consent feature', default=False)

cookieconsent_title class-attribute instance-attribute

cookieconsent_title = CharField('cookie consent title', max_length=255, default='Your cookie settings')

cookieconsent_message class-attribute instance-attribute

cookieconsent_message = RichTextField('cookie consent message', default='<p>This website deploys cookies for basic functionality and to keep it secure. These cookies are strictly necessary. Optional analysis cookies which provide us with statistical information about the use of the website may also be deployed, but only with your consent. Please review our <a href="/data-privacy-policy/">Privacy &amp; Data Policy</a> for more information.</p>')

panels class-attribute instance-attribute

panels = [MultiFieldPanel([FieldPanel('cookieconsent_active'), FieldPanel('cookieconsent_title'), FieldPanel('cookieconsent_message')], 'cookie banner')]


verbose_name class-attribute instance-attribute
verbose_name = 'Cookie consent settings'