Getting Started
This page provides instructions for folks using (or considering) Hypha.

Who are you?

Suggested starting points for different Hypha users:
  • I work at a grantmaking organization (e.g., as a director of operations, grants specialist, or administrator)
  • I review incoming applications (e.g., as a staff member of a grantmaking organization or as a community partner/volunteer)
    • See Getting Started for Reviewers(link to be added)
  • I am applying for a grant with an organization that uses Hypha software
    • NOTE: Not sure if we want a general page here or if we want to provide a template for Deployers to create their own org-specific "for Applicants" page.
  • I am deploying Hypha for a grantmaking organization
  • I want to contribute to Hypha code
  • I hold more than one of the above roles and I don't know which "Getting Started" to pick!
    • Introduce yourself on one or more of our Communities, and our community members can help point you in the right direction!

Commonly Visited Pages

  • Logging in to Hypha (link to be added)
  • (More to be added)

How Hypha Works

Hypha uses the Wagtail content management system - many instructional guides relevant for Hypha users can be found at Wagtail's "Editor's Guide" documentation.
When appropriate, links in this documentation may direct to pages that are part of the documentation linked above.
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