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Statusbar tags


register module-attribute

register = Library()


status_bar(workflow, current_phase, user, author=False, css_class='', same_stage=False)
Source code in hypha/apply/funds/templatetags/
def status_bar(
    workflow, current_phase, user, author=False, css_class="", same_stage=False
    phases = workflow.phases_for(user)
    is_applicant = user == author if author else user.is_applicant

    if same_stage and not is_applicant:
        phases = [phase for phase in phases if phase.stage == current_phase.stage]

    if not current_phase.permissions.can_view(user):
        current_phase = workflow.previous_visible(current_phase, user)

    # Current step not shown for user, move current phase to last good location
    elif not workflow.stepped_phases[current_phase.step][0].permissions.can_view(user):
        new_phase_list = []
        for phase in reversed(phases):
            if phase.step <= current_phase.step and current_phase not in new_phase_list:
                next_phase = current_phase
                next_phase = phase
            new_phase_list = [next_phase, *new_phase_list]
        phases = new_phase_list

    return {
        "phases": phases,
        "current_phase": current_phase,
        "class": css_class,
        "public": user.is_applicant or user.is_partner,


status_display(current_phase, phase, public)
Source code in hypha/apply/funds/templatetags/
def status_display(current_phase, phase, public):
    if phase.step == current_phase.step:
        if public:
            return current_phase.public_name
            return current_phase.display_name

    if phase.step > current_phase.step:
        if public:
            return phase.future_name_public
            return phase.future_name_staff

    if public:
        return phase.public_name
        return phase.display_name