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User Roles

  • The Staff role could submit reviews, send determinations, and set up applications (this means creating Forms, Funds, and Rounds, and give other users (e.g. Reviewers or other Staff) access to applications/submissions.
  • The Reviewer role has their own dashboard and can submit reviews. OTF's Advisory Council Members are often assigned the 'Reviewer' role.
  • The Applicant role can access their own application and communicate with OTF in the communication/comment tab.
  • The Partner role could be access, edit, and communicate about a specific application they are assigned to. This role could be ssed when two or more people are working together on a single application; one applicant gets Applicant role, and additional applicants get this role. OTF use the partner role for fellowship host organizations, service providers, etc.

Additional Roles

New roles can be created and permissions (capabilities) for these roles can be set in Wagtail by the person deploying Hypha for your organization.

For example, several of the following roles were created for different Hypha adopters:

  • Community Reviewer
  • Team Admin
  • Finance
  • Approver