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Setting up a round

Currently users can copy, clone, or duplicate a Fund before creating a new form. Duplicating a Fund/Lab also duplicates the forms associated with that particular Fund or Lab. Users can not preview form, Fund needs to be published on live site for users to view draft or completed version

  1. Open Apply and click the bird icon on the bottom-right corner, then click the “Go to Wagtail admin” pop-up
  2. Click Apply > Rounds

3. Go to the round and click the Edit button:

4. Enter the Start Date (ie first day of the month) and End Date (ie last day of the month).

Not selecting an end date allows the application to be open to the public indefinitely.

7. Update the title and slug.

8. Enter the Lead's name

9. Check to ensure the correct reviewers are highlighted

10. You could save a draft or publish. Publish means the application will be publicly visible to applicants.