Key concepts & user types

Roles refer to different kinds of users who can do different things (i.e. have specific "permissions")

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Primary Roles

Staff can:

  • create accounts for other Staff, Reviewers, and Applicants (rare)
  • deactivate other user accounts
  • modify roles for other users
  • set up applications (this means creating Forms, Funds, and Rounds - see Getting Started for Staff for an overview of how the process works)
  • see applications/submissions
  • give other users (e.g. Reviewers or other Staff) access to applications/submissions
  • review applications/submissions
  • process determinations/decisions (if they have Approver role)
  • communicate with Applicants
  • disburse funds(?)
ℹ️ Account created during deployment

A Reviewer can:

  • look at the application(s) to which they have been assigned
  • complete Review Forms for application(s)
  • communicate with applicants (?)
ℹ️ Account created by Staff & assigned to either "Fund" or specific application(s)

An Applicant can:

  • create, edit, and submit own applications
  • contact fund staff regarding own application
  • submit invoice/request for fund dispersal
ℹ️ Account created automatically when user applies to specific fund/round

Finance (under development) can:

  • access projects, invoices, & reports
  • additional capabilities to be added
ℹ️ Account created by Staff

Secondary Roles


  • Can see, edit, and communicate about a specific application
  • Used when two or more people are working together on an application; one applicant gets Applicant role, and additional applicants get this role
ℹ️ This role is created by Staff and associated with a specific application


  • If assigned with Staff role, can approve applications
  • If assigned with Finance role, can approve invoices/contracts
ℹ️ This role is an add-on that allows users additional capabilities

Additional Roles

New roles can be created and permissions (capabilities) for these roles can be set in Wagtail by the person deploying Hypha for your organization.

For example, current Hypha whitelabel includes the following roles, which were created for different Hypha adopters:
  • Community Reviewer
  • Team Admin

Assigning Roles to Users

Staff (or Admin) can either assign roles when a user account is created, or can add/modify roles for existing users.

Creating New Users & Assigning Roles

See How to Create New Users (link to be added) for how to assign roles when user accounts are first created

Changing Existing User Roles

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