First steps
ℹ️ The information on this page uses screenshots from a test version of Hypha. The user interface in your implementation of Hypha may look different.

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Step 1: Navigate to the organization's application page

Often this is [], but the web address may be different
Screenshot of the main page of Top banner of the page has "Hypha" logo in upper left, across top are links to "Funds," "Labs," "Results," "News," "About" and "Search" (a magnifying glass icon). Two buttons in the upper right show "(person icon) My SB" and "Select Language (dropdown arrow)". The main portion of the page has a blue pixellated background with white sans serif large text that reads "SANDBOX TEST SITE" and in smaller text below "It will reset every 24h. So test all you want. Below this text is clickable text that says "Learn more how to use it". Pinned to the footer of the window in the right-hand corner is a button labeled "Apply"

Step 2: Click the "My [Organization Name]" button in the upper-right corner of the screen

Screenshot of the login page of Top banner of page is as described in the screenshot for Step 1. The main portion of the page says "LOGIN" in large font and below that in smaller font "Enter your credentials". There is a text-entry box labeled "Email address*" and another below that labeled "Password*" Below these two boxes is a link with the text "Forgot your password?" Below the link is a "Login" button and a button labeled "Log in with your SB email". The "Apply" button is pinned to the bottom-right of the window, as in the main page.

Step 3: Enter your credentials in the "Email address" and "Password" fields & click "Login"

Screenshot of the login page of, as above, but with "Email address*" and "Password*" text-entry boxes filled in with "[email protected]" and "***********"

Note: Your login credentials should have been provided to you in an email sent by the system when your account was created.

If you do not know them, you should:
  1. 1.
    Try clicking the "Forgot your password?" link just above the "Login" button
  2. 2.
    Contact the program manager (Applicants) or the organizational staff member (Reviewers, Staff) in charge of managing account information.
On successfully logging in, you should be directed to your "Dashboard" - what this page looks like is different depending on your Role:
  • Applicants see the "active submissions" and a button to "submit a new application"
  • Reviewers see applications "Waiting for your review" and "Your previous reviews"
  • Staff see "Submissions waiting for your review," "Live projects under your management," and "Requests for payment requiring your attention." There is also a link to the Wagtail editing platform, which allows for editing of application content, timing, and users.
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