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Create a new User

The First User (for Developers):

The first user account is created when you install Hypha with this command:

python createsuperuser

The user created is an "administrator" role, a default Django role that bypasses any access restrictions, like 'root' on a Unix server.

This role should only be used by the person implementing/deploying Hypha for your organization, who may be part of the organization or may be an external contractor.

Creating additional users

Creating additional users and assigning them Roles is done in Wagtail by someone with the Staff role.

ℹ️ Only users with the "Staff" Role can do this

1. From the Dashboard, click the "Apply admin" button

[insert Sandbox_dashboard_Staff img here]

This takes you to the Wagtail dashboard (pictured below).

2. Click on "Settings" in the menu on the left side of the screen

This will bring up another sub-menu

3. Click "Users" within the "Settings" menu

Takes you to the Create Users page, which has two tabs (CALLED WHAT?)

4. Add user info (Name and contact)

In the [NAME] Tab, add the user's name and contact email address

5. Select user Roles

In the [Roles] tab, specify the level of access you want your user to have by giving them specific Roles (see Roles documentation for more information)

6. Finish by clicking a button, I'm sure (just have to look again to remember what it's called)

Reporting Issues

⚠️ If you notice errors on this page, or would like to see content added, please: post on OR post a "New Issue" on the Hypha documentation Github page. Make sure to include a link to this page in your post.