Everything you need to know about Hypha. Within are information and links to help you get started with Hypha. Enjoy!

What is Hypha?

Hypha is a web-based proposal submission software that allows you to:
  • Share information about your organization
  • Advertise your organization's funding opportunities or grants
  • Receive and review proposal submissions
Why Hypha? Hyphae: long, branching ecosystem enriching organisms that form interconnected networks to collectively exchange resources. Hopefully, Hypha helps its users do the same.

Why Use Hypha?

  • Efficient & transparent collection and review of proposal submissions
  • Highly customizeable at all aspects of the process (e.g., forms, workflows, review options, and more)
  • Open-source, community-informed product compatible with your organization's values
  • Regularly audited, with many privacy and security features.
  • Can be integrated with other services (Slack, Mailgun, etc)
  • Always improving: View our Roadmap for upcoming features and enhancements.

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Thank you to all the people who have contributed code to Hypha <3


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Sponsor Hypha

Hypha is an open source project made possible thanks to the support of sponsors. If you rely on Hypha, please consider becoming a sponsor to help those contributing code. Hypha can be supported by anyone and the money will be distributed directly to contributors. You can provide general support via Open Collective or Liberapay. You can sponsor specific issues via Issuehunt. Thanks in advance <3
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